At SONAR we believe in building a business aligned with personal aspirations. Ours is a winning team that values each of our contributions toward building a culture fostered by action-oriented individuals. SONAR has built its family of process- driven individuals who are solid contributors leading by example and an infectious energy.

SONAR consciously believes in coaching its team to boost their morale, give them a sense of reality and make them feel that they are part of a great organization. This also helps to build an equal opportunities platform where the biggest idea can come from the smallest quarter and unleash the power of a diverse workforce.

Talent Attraction

1. Paradigm shift in our recruitment approach

2. Associate a sense of pride with what SONAR does

3. Look at industries outside our own for transferable skill sets

4. Branding of HR

o People recognize us as potential employers

o Inspirational place to work

5. We build college internship and recruitment programs

Talent Retention

1. Rigorous process to identify hidden talent and develop home grown leaders

2. Systematic approach to develop bench strength

3. Different strokes for different people without compromising values

4. Helping employees to make an emotional connect to the organization

5. Creating an environment of learning and self-development

6. Structuring financials with a sense of balance

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