If you are interested in becoming a Single Unit Franchisee, you will benefit from knowing in details about this scheme. For instance:

  • How Sonar Courier categorises the country into different categories of cities and towns
  • The different franchisee types relevant to those cities
    • Normal
    • Subsidised
    • Rural/Satellite
  • Sonar Courier also does a background check of the individuals involved to ensure he/she fits into this business
  • Franchisees are selected based on the available areas and the market potential
  • There are also some ready opportunities where the franchisees are already set up, ready to be taken over and operated from day one
  • Sonar Courier also guides the prospective applicants through the process and helps them to decide what franchise suits them best
  • You can refer to online Application for the complete guide to becoming a Sonar Courier franchisee
Total Investment
Catategory A: Tk.1,50,000
Category B: Tk.1,00,000
Category C: Tk.50,000
Area requiredGround Floor premises facing road
Franchise FeesOnly Security Deposit and Set-up Fee
Royalty Fees10% of turnover
Marketing cost (Percentage of sales) Company does (5%)
Working Capital (per month)Category A: Tk.1,00,000
Category B: Tk.50,000
Category C: Tk.25,000
Return on Investment> 20%
No. of employees required to run a franchise unitCategory A: 4
Category B: 3
Category C: 2
Expected break-even time> 20%
Average business from a Franchise unitCategory A: Tk.1,50,000 p.m.
Category B: Tk.75,000 p.m.
Category C: Tk.40,000 p.m.

Schemes Commercials

The scope and criteria of selection for a Single Unit Franchisee are as follows:
  • Prime responsibilities and duties as a franchisee which include
    • Delivery (for which payment will be given by the franchisee)
    • Branding
    • Maintenance of Staff
  • Criteria
    • The prospective franchisee's willingness to take up the business on full-time basis.
    • Office premises in strategic locations having good frontage for prominent display of company's signage
    • Preparedness for adherence to all the statutory requirements
    • Capability to deploy resources in terms of manpower, office equipment, communication equipment, etc.

Any individual with a strong desire to lead the life of an entrepreneur and the zeal to serve the customers' business ethics can aspire to be a Sonar Courier franchisee.

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