Delivery Software Integration with the SonarCourier API and SDK

We have always felt that it is essential to allow users of SonarCourier to make the software their own. We build flexibility into the system so that it can grow with the needs of an organization. An area where this type of flexibility is increasingly important for delivery companies is within system integration. Most software systems today allow for some degree of integration, meaning that they can communicate with other software by importing and exporting data.

We receive numerous requests asking if SonarCourier can integrate with a variety of software systems. We love this question because this is an area where SonarCourier really shines! Not only do we have built-in support for many systems, but we also provide a robust API and SDK to make almost any integration possible.

Using the SonarCourier API is a Smart Move

Here are just a few experiences that we have seen our customers enjoy time after time when using the SonarCourier API and SDK:

  • Where accuracy matters: Accounting systems require accurate and complete data. Automate the movement of data directly from SonarCourier to your accounting or bookkeeping system. This eliminates mistakes introduced by manual or human data entry.
  • Where speed and volume matter: Process bulk orders, or ASNs, quickly and accurately by connecting SonarCourier with shipper’s software system. Automatically transferring thousands of orders within seconds, allowing your team to start working quickly.
  • Where marketing matters: Identify a popular line-of-business software system used in your target market. Using the SonarCourier API or SDK, integrate with that software and then advertise your ability to work seamlessly with any business using that software. This can lead to significant growth in sales with a low investment.
  • Where efficiency matters: Saving time is always a benefit to a company. Doing so can free up personnel to perform more valuable tasks. Automate processes such as barcode scanning at hubs or providing updates to shippers.
  • Where brand image matter: Project a strong technical competence. Customers will see that you are prepared and able to accommodate their technology needs. Move from being viewed as a value brand to a professionally competent brand.

An Unparalleled Developer Experience

The SonarCourier API and SDK each provide over 91 functions and 517 properties, offering an unparalleled developer experience. The API can be accessed via REST or SOAP endpoints and works with all major programming environments. The SDK makes it possible for a programmer to develop a plug-in, or extension, that can easily extend the functionality of the SonarCourier desktop applications. These platforms were constructed meticulously over a two-year period to ensure that programmers had the tools necessary to complete their projects. With over 5,000 pages of documentation, programmers have all the tools they need to get their job done quickly. In fact, we often see programmers who are new to the SonarCourier API able to finish their project within a few hours to a day.

Samples are provided to programmers in a variety of programming languages including C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Both the API and SDK are organized uniformly, so if you learn one, you already know how to use the other. This standardized approach means that millions of programmers will feel very comfortable using this API. Our code samples are available on GitHub and SDK assemblies can be found on NuGet. We even have an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that will help developers create SonarCourier Extensions with the SDK.

Not as Difficult or Expensive as You Think

Hesitation to start integration projects is understandable. We know that you are not in the software business, but instead, want to focus on your business. We have a suggestion: Try outsourcing your integration idea to a freelance programmer.

The team at SonarCourier has worked hard to create an API and SDK that is easy to understand and use by other programmers. As a result, there’s no need to hire a specialist. Tens of millions of programmers across the globe already know how to use an API like the one provided by SonarCourier. Better yet, many of these programmers work as freelancers, which tends to lower costs. There are many websites where you can go to get bids on your projects, including, and These programmers tend to be good at taking your idea and figuring out how to create the finished product.

The cost for such integration work may be far less than you might think. This is primarily because the SonarCourier API and SDK do a lot to simplify the job of the programmer. This can result in the programmer finishing a project within hours instead of the weeks involved with a traditional approach. For example, we’ve repeatedly seen examples of basic integrations and utilities developed for less than $200 USD. The cost to savings ratio can be very high with the SonarCourier API and SDK.

We Are Here to Help

We would love to discuss your integration ideas using the SonarCourier API and SDK. Feel free to give us a call to chat about your project. Where possible, we can offer guidance to help you take advantage of this great feature within SonarCourier.


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