Aligned with its founding principles, Sonar Courier's franchise model has been structured to address the requirements of a robust pan-Bangladesh presence and highest service levels for clients. Internationally, Sonar Courier ensures presence via subsidiaries, joint ventures, representative offices, and franchisees as well.

As the key elements of this framework, the following categories of franchisees currently operate in Sonar Courier:

Single Unit Franchisee

This is the most basic form of the franchise in the Sonar Courier system, which covers more than 95 percent of its network and contributes to 75 percent of its business. This type of franchisee represents a small territory or a particular post-code. They are responsible for the development of the business and serving the customers within a limited territory.

Master Franchisee (MF)

Master franchisee represents a franchisee-operated unit in an area within the city limits of the Regional Office, with one or more of the reporting franchisees under its purview. In addition to the role of the Single Unit Franchisee, the MF is responsible for operations and development of the other franchisees within its territory.

Super Franchisee (SF)

Super franchisee represents a franchisee-operated unit in an independent territory or district within a region, with one or more reporting franchisees. It acts as an extended branch that is responsible for business development, operations and servicing of the clients. They are a key member of the system and the appointment procedure for SF is different from the two franchisee categories mentioned above.

All the above franchisees are responsible for the protection of the Sonar Courier brand and upholding the corporate image in their territory or area of operations.

New franchises are given the opportunity to join as Single Unit Franchisees and slowly graduate to higher categories explained above.