Sonar Regular Service

Service AreaBase Price Tk. Up to 250 gramsAddl weight charges Tk. Per 500 gramsCOD Charges
Within Dhaka City30.0025.000.3%
Within another District Town & City60.0025.000.6 %
Within another Upazila Town120.0025.001.2%

Sonar Parcel Service

Service AreaBase Price Tk. Up to 1 Kg.Addl weight charges Tk. Per 1 Kg.COD Charges
Within Dhaka City60.0030.000.6%
Within another District Town & City100.0030.001.0 %
Within another Upazila Town150.0030.001.5%

Sonar Express Service

Service AreaBase Price Tk. Up to 1 Kg.Addl weight charges Tk. Per 1 Kg.COD Charges
Within Dhaka City100.0050.001.0 %
Within another District Town & City150.0050.001.5%
Within another Upazila Town200.0050.002.0%

Additional Charges: 

Volumetric Weight:  When sending lightweight, bulky packages use the following formula to help you determine their volumetric weight. Length X Width X Height (cm3) ÷ 5000 = Volumetric weight (kgs). The greater the volumetric weight or actual weight of your packages will be used to calculate your shipping cost.

Packing Charges: Proper packaging should be ensured from your end. If the product has been damaged due to poor packaging, then Sonar Courier will not take any responsibility for it. If you enable packing charges Tk. 10.00 per Kg. will be charged.

Insurance Charges: Tk 40 for first (Tk.1, 000/- value declared) and Tk.25 will be added for the next (Tk.1, 000/- value declared) and so on. (For Example: If the declared value is Tk 2,000/- then the total value declaration charge will be Tk.40+Tk25 = Tk.65). 80% Compensation will be provided if the value is declared charge paid of the item. 

Value Added Tax (VAT): Above rates are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT).


Limitation of Liability: Notwithstanding the above, to the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that in no event shall SONAR’s total liability for any damages (direct or otherwise) or loss regardless of the form of action or claim, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, exceed BDT 100/-(Taka One Hundred only) for domestic consignments.

Banned Item We do not carry Jewelry, Passport, Share Certificate Including blank share transfer forms, Perishable goods, Fragile Items, Liquids and Items prohibited by state law.

Payment: 100% payment should be made in favour of Sonar Courier Service Ltd. by Cash/Cheque/Pay order within 7 (Seven) days after submitting the bill.

This price list is effective from January 01, 2022 and will remain until further notice. The Company reserves the right to reset any price on this price list at any time.