B2C Express

B2C Express

B2C Express – E-commerce Logistics Solution

We are amongst the top integrated e-commerce logistic solutions providers in the country. While there are many feats we are proud of, the one that swells our chest most is that we are amongst the industry pioneers of:

SDD & NDD deliveries in Bangladesh

Establishing connections through ALL airports in Bangladesh

Building client-dedicated Fleet-on-Street for co-branded initiatives

  • Distribution network penetrating 1300+ postcodes
         – ensuring you are poised to cater to your farthest customer
  •  In-house unified technology platform
         – ensuring continuous integration and ease of use; enabling real-time order tracking and easy returns/replacements
  •  300+ feet on the street
         – offering an absolute personal touch and flexibility to customers

Accessibility & flexibility-based client-partner relationship management

Express delivery services across 1300+ postcodes

Warehouse & vendor pick-ups

Reverse Logistics

BFSI deliveries